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ASMR LOVER Yumi Jimmi $100 Patreon (4 vids)

ASMR LOVER Yumi Jimmi $100 Patreon videos. ASMR LOVER Yumi Jimmi has 16k subcribers on her Youtube channel

All together there are 9 videos but I only uploaded 4 because there aren’t really worth $100. To see all 9 there’s a MEGA link at the bottom

Download all videos via MEGA –



        • Anonymous, if that is really you, send your message here. I am an open book and all about sharing. Sharing is Caring.

          • Okay it is you! I love you and your channel but why dont u like being naughty and sexy and you dont like porn comments

          • Also i want to talk with u on instagram because chatting here is not that good

          • Dont love porn comment? What WHAT! I got no problem with porn, I luv it. I love being naughty and sexy. –

          • Then why you dont do it and you tease us with the best tits in the world you will be rank 1 we lost the best pornstar (August Ames) .also you said you will do a q&a

          • I know that you do it for privacy but just dont do stuff that has your face it it do like footjobs and titjobs (with toys maybe)

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