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  1. This is amazing, never would have thought that Taylor would ever do these but wow even the ones you dont expect are eager to take nudes.
    hope there is more, have always searched for nudes of her but never been able to find any.
    Thanks to the guy who sent them to the admin, would be awesome is there are more

    • Talk to me about innocence. Last time I saw a girl was getting teasy and I was enjoying thought that was the most I could get and then boom.. found out she is/was a porn star getting fucked by 3 guys at the same time. And her face is all so pure and innocent you believe she’s shy.

  2. Says 8 pictures, but I count 6. Either you made a typing error, or the last two didn’t upload. BUT. Damn this chick is hot

    • Thanks, changed the title. There is 8 but the two don’t show anything are really just close ups of her face. Decided they weren’t worth uploading and forgot to change the number..

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